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Time to take the weekend off!

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The great thing about the pass I have is that it isn't just restricted to commuter use, I can use it over the weekends too. The kids have been asking to visit the swimming baths all week so rather than drive, I thought it might be nice to try the bus with them. My five year old son was instantly impressed with the double decker and rushed upstairs to the front seat and spent the journey pretending to drive. My nine year old daughter elected for her usual glued to the iPod stance!

It really made a nice change not to have to drive and, as I had found all week, the bus was quick to arrive and was in town in no time. Fares for the kids were reasonable and I think they also enjoyed me being able to sit with them and chat rather than concentrate on driving.


Posted by Steven Hunter at 10/14/2014 05:41:14 PM 

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