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How it works

Learn Safe Drive Safe is a completely free post-test session available to all newly qualified drivers aged 25 or under. It's completely free (worth £75!) and delivered by approved driving instructor to give you the skills to drive more safely on motorways, rural roads and learning how to eco-drive.

How it works

The Learn Safe Drive Safe course is available to people living in South Yorkshire that are aged 25 or under and have already passed their driving test but are looking to improve their driving skills in certain areas not covered in the standard driving test.

The course is delivered through a team of Approved Driving Instructors, and your time will be split between

  • Driving on fast rural roads
  • Driving on the motorway
  • Learning eco-driving techniques

This is a fully interactive course where you get to share your thoughts throughout the session. By taking the course and you'll also discover how to cut your motoring costs.

It couldn't be easier to register!

Places are limited, so to reserve your place, simply text your full name to Dave Lawson on 07980 152750 or email him at david.lawson@sheffield.gov.uk and he will arrange it so that you take the course at a time suitable to you.


If you employ staff that are aged 25 or under that drive on behalf of your business, (including apprentices) this short course will show that you are a responsible employer by:

  • Training your staff in safe and fuel efficient driving techniques is a great way to show them that you care about their well-being.
  • Driving safely and more environmentally friendly can cut your fuel bills by between 10 and 30* per cent.
  • Better driving makes us safer on the road and reduces fuel consumption, it also improves tyre and brake life  leading to a reduction in maintenance costs.
  • Managing risk will not only help you to reduce your collision related costs but will reduce your fuel bills.

As a young driver you can put these better driving techniques into practice on the road in your personal car and:

  • Gain confidence on unfamiliar roads.
  • Reduce stress behind the wheel.
  • Save on your own fuel expenditure.
  • Increase tyre and brake life.
  • Reduce on-going maintenance costs.

My experience

It’s really important that new drivers on the road are aware of the environmental impact that using a motor vehicle can have. Through this scheme they can save fuel costs for themselves as well as their employer. As the most vulnerable road users it’s also key that they start their driving careers as safely as possible.
The scheme is free and it benefits both the driver and the employer – why would any employer not get involved?

"It was easy to apply and I received lots of useful pre-course information. On the drive, the instructor put me at ease. He wasn't there to judge my driving, only to help me improve it. Having an instructor with me during my first drive on a motorway helped me feel more confident and on the rural roads I learned to drive in an eco-friendly way which helps me save fuel every time I drive. Overall, the course made me a safer and more confident driver on all types of roads, and I would definitely recommend it."

Clara from Broomhall

Is it for you?

As a young driver you're four times more likely to be involved in a crash than somebody with more driving experience. That's why it's worth adding to your current skills so you'll know how to choose the right speed, look further ahead and drive more smoothly. The result will be less wear and tear on your car, lower fuel bills and you're much less likely to be involved in a collision.

This scheme is available to individuals across South Yorkshire and a few hours invested in yourself now could save you a lot of grief and expense in the future.

Supporting facts


Young drivers already face high insurance premiums and can lose their licence after just 6 points. By taking post-test driver training they’ll be safer, better drivers, less likely to crash and avoid losing their licence.

Maintenance cost reductions

The cost of maintaining a vehicle on the road is ever increasing. By learning new driving techniques, you will not only reduce your fuel costs but also your maintenance costs too, by reducing the wear and tear on tyres, brakes, steering and suspension components.

Fuel cost reductions

The cost of fuel is major operating factor for individuals and businesses. Driving safely and more environmentally friendly can cut your fuel bills by between 10 and 30* per cent.

Mobile apps

Drive Style is a must have App for any driver who is serious about reducing his fuel bills and cares for environment. This great App turns your iPhone into a super smart driving gadget that assesses your driving style for each trip.

RAC Traffic

RAC Traffic show incidents, delays and roadworks for the whole UK, including Central London, England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland.

PetrolPrices Pro

PetrolPrices Pro is the official iPhone application from PetrolPrices.com. Use your current location to find the cheapest, most up-to-date petrol prices in your area.


FuelGood, the new free mobile phone app, is designed to help you track fuel efficiency for each car journey you make.

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