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Busboost is a scheme that encourages new starters to an organisation to leave their car at home and try public transport.

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The Busboost offer is across certain areas in Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield.  For new employees who are willing to leave their car at home and commute to work on public transport, instead of using their car.  We will give them a free 28 days of travel on bus, tram and train.  All that we ask is that whilst in receipt of the pass that they try and use it as much as possible both for travelling to work and in their leisure time.

How does it all work? 

Simply contact the Inmotion! team. We’re here to help you get around and introduce you to the schemes that you will most benefit from. Whatever you decide to do, we’ll do all the work and inspire you and your business to be a healthier, happier place.

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E: travel@inmotion.co.uk


  • Healthier, happier and less stressed staff - research shows that travelling by bus is a third less stressful than driving*!
     *Study by Dr David Lewis from the University of Sussex
  • Greater knowledge of public transport links – making it easier for staff or customers to get to you
  • Improved use of car parks – reduced need for staff car parking spaces, resulting in more parking spaces for visitors and customers
  • Helps you meet environmental targets and provides a positive contribution to your environmental profile
  • Free* travel for up to 28 days on bus, tram and train
  • Save money - no fuel or parking costs, less wear and tear on the car
  • Exercise more - fit some walking into your daily commute, hassle free!
  • Have time to relax - relax on the journey, read a book or paper or keep up to date on your mobile
  • Reduce your stress - driving, tuck in traffic or finding a parking space
  • Be greener - help reduce the amount of emissions in the air in your local community
*Terms and conditions apply

My experience

Julie Holliday – Head of Support Services – Rotherham NHS Foundation trust

“The concept of the scheme is very good and for the participants it worked well. The Travel Choices Advisor was very supportive and provided all the marketing materials required to promote the scheme to internal staff.”

June Burke

“The bus journey time is the same as driving my car, the cost of a day return ticket is the same as I would pay for petrol and most of all, I can relax and let the bus driver take the strain of negotiating through rush hour traffic”.

Is it for you?

Employees have to be existing car drivers or car share passengers to be eligible. Those who already use public transport aren’t eligible. The ticket is valid on all operators, all modes of public transport and anywhere in South Yorkshire.

To be able to apply for the scheme your organisation must take part in it, we cannot offer tickets to individuals. If your organisation is interested please give us their details and an appropriate contact and we will be in touch.

Using a bus today

Supporting facts

Healthier Lifestyle

Lead a healthier lifestyle: the simple act of taking a journey by bus can help achieve half the Government recommended 30 mins of exercise per day,

Mobile use

Make phone calls, use your smart phone or lap top to access emails and catch up on your social media updates. None of which are possible when driving your car.

Reduced Stress

Take the stress out of driving and looking for a parking space. Research has shown that taking the bus is a third less stressful than driving

Mobile apps

Bus Times App

Now you can have a dedicated app which will store your favourite Bus Stop numbers and present the results in an iPhone friendly format.


Citymapper is an all-in-one app that covers live departure information for all possible modes of transport between two locations, with support for train (Tube and Overground), bus, and cycle hire. Walking routes are even included if you want to take the money-saving option.


RouteBuddy is the award-winning offline mapping and navigation software that can load free routes from the web or created on your Mac or PC. With RouteBuddy Atlas on your mobile and RouteBuddy on your desktop you have the ultimate planning tool and navigation system for digital maps.

RAC Traffic

RAC Traffic show incidents, delays and roadworks for the whole UK, including Central London, England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland.

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Popular questions

Can the Busboost ticket be used on other modes of transport across the region?
Yes, the Travel Master ticket entitles you to travel for free in South Yorkshire on any bus, train or tram!
Do I have to use the Busboost ticket every day?
No, we understand that changing to public transport every day may not be achievable or even practical, so even if you only carry out one journey a week, you are a least trying another way to make the journey in to work

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