LSTF Revenue Application 2015/16

SYITA, working with Sheffield City Region (SCR) partners have submitted a bid to Government for LSTF funding in 2015/16. We are pleased that the Government shares our sustainable transport goals by providing a further opportunity through the Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) to continue to promote sustainable travel choices.

Our LSTF bid is closely linked to the SCR’s Strategic Economic Plan (SEP) by promoting wider labour markets, helping to increase business productivity and supporting sustainable businesses. It is a sensible continuation of the work we started following previous successful bids and will allow us to build on the benefits already established. A copy of this bid and supporting documents is included here.


SYITA LSTF Revenue Application 2015/16  

LSTF Equality Impact Assessment

Appendix A Letters of Support

Appendix B schemes-impact-pro-forma final