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better health

Reduced costs

Bring your bike to a Dr Bike session and we’ll give it a full safety check. We fix any minor repairs on the spot for free and if we find anything more serious, we’ll give you a prescription to take to your local bike shop.

We’ll provide you with access to the latest commuter bikes, together with accessories including helmet, bike locks and lights. There’s also access to maintenance services throughout the loan period and training for those looking to improve their confidence and road skills.
“I can’t emphasise enough how much Cycleboost has changed my attitude to cycling. I went from couch potato to bike fiend (well, in my head at least!) in two weeks. Now, I commute on my bike every day and I just simply love it.”
"I’ve really enjoyed cycling to and from work, my journey is quicker and its boosted my motivation. I feel much fitter and I’ve also saved money."

Save time

Travelling by public transport gives you back the time you would lose sitting behind the wheel of your car. By letting the bus, tram or train carry you in to work, you can email, text, surf the web or catch up with friends on social media.

save time
"It was really easy to get involved...the Advisors did all the hard work and were at the end of the phone if we ever needed support. They also provided us with a live departure feed that we displayed in our reception area, so our employees can walk to the bus stop just as their bus is due so there is less waiting time."
"I benefitted by being able to send emails/texts whilst travelling, this saved me time in the morning. On my journey to work I had time to read a book! I never get spare time to read. I now use the bus when I don’t fancy sitting in traffic and getting stressed, I just let someone else do the driving and disappear into my book and music."
"I’ve now found that I’m using the bus service a lot more than I’ve ever done before. The “live bus time” web-link which I use via my mobile phone is fantastic and very reliable, and that alone is one of the reasons that I now catch the bus more frequently."
better health

Improve your health

There are many health benefits to adopting a sustainable journey to work. Using public transport removes a vehicle from the road, switching to an electric vehicle produces no tailpipe emissions and walking can help boost your energy levels.

“It’s great to go for a walk at lunch time to have a break away from the office environment, it gives you time to chat to work colleagues and get some fresh air at the same time.”
"My confidence has grown, and I feel so much better for it. Going by bike mixes up and changes the dynamics of going to work. It feels more rewarding and less mundane and you definitely arrive at work with more energy."
"Many of our employees travel to work from different areas such as Barnsley, Pontefract, Rotherham, and Sheffield and with limited car parking spaces available we wanted to make people aware of the alternative travel options available. As a business, we take our employees’ health and wellbeing seriously and the Busboost initiative has been a resounding success for the employees taking part."

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Businesses and Employees looking to make better, more sustainable journeys across South Yorkshire

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The Busboost scheme encourages new starters to an organisation to leave their car at home and try public transport.

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