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How much will I save on fuel by eco-driving?
About 15% - that’s about £250 per year for your average driver
I’ve just done loads of lessons to pass my test – why should I take more?
This is a really informal session where you’ll get a chance to practice the bits of ’real driving’ that that you might be finding difficult.
What is Walkboost?
Walkboost schemes can be tailored to the business getting involved. From setting up a lunchtime walking club to offering incentives for staff to make walking part of their daily routine, our advisors can help you use walking to keep your staff active and healthy.
What if staff want to take on a walk during their lunch time but are not sure where to go in the local area?
Walk leader training is available to all staff to enable employees to be confident in leading a recreational walk with family and friends.
How many drivers can we send on the Eco-Business Driving assessment?
All the drivers of your company vehicles can take part in the course and the timings are all built to the needs and requirements of your business.
What is Eco-Business Driving all about?
Eco-Business Driving is a FREE service – helping your small to medium enterprise (SME), larger company or organisation save money, improve safety and reduce environmental impacts!

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